Having played sports most of my life, I’ve always loved to have conversations about all things sports-related. With topics ranging from who should start at QB for the Broncos to why curling is much more difficult than what you see on TV, I’m game to talk about any aspect of a sport with anyone.

Whether it’s basketball, track and field, football or anything that involves scoring a point or defending against it, I keep up-to-date with the latest news, transactions and happenings before the whistle blows. As a former athlete, what’s better than writing about the next generation of stars to the game?

With a workhorse mentality towards a subject, as well as a passion for writing, I’ve cultivated a career around tackling important subjects — football puns notwithstanding — so it seemed a natural progression to create my own forum.

My spectrum is not limited to the sporting world, however. Given the multitude of issues and causes that affect all of our daily lives, I think it’s important to learn about and discuss things outside of sport. You can read about the social economic impact of the entertainment industry or just stop by to digest a comprehensive Netflix recommendation. Life may incorporate sports, but it doesn’t have to revolve around them… not completely, anyways.
If you are reading this, I appreciate your interest. If this site is able to create a discussion, enlighten or — at the very least — make you smirk, I’ll know that I’m on the right path. If you have any comments, concerns or further insights you would like to relay, feel free to shoot me a message through any of the multimedia platforms found on the site or on its contact page.
Thank you for visiting.
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